Should Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum be changed? | Toronto Star

Why should the Ontario sex-ed curriculum be scrapped? It shouldn’t.

It should be repealed and replaced with an effective one. All manner of objections have been raised to it — from its age-inappropriateness, and its surprising inclusions (gender) and omissions (internet pornography), to its use of private partnering agencies unaccountable to the public, and its dismissal of cultural sensitivities in a multicultural society.

Some seem surprised this is an election issue. But parents see serious harm in teaching their children the idea that sex, the most intimate of human relations, is morally neutral,” writes Scott Masson. 

The larger point is that sex education cannot be effective without the consent of parents, because sex that will bring people to flourish is intimately related to marriage and the family. It seems to be a point that sex-education professionals throughout the West are hell-bent on ignoring.

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